35. Love at first sight


Hola! Què tal? This afternoon we took a minute during our Barcelona trip to let our feet rest, before hitting the streets again tonight, when we go looking for the perfect paella. The perfect moment for me to write a blogpost!

Today I’ll be showing you one of my favorite pieces of the moment. A striped AND leopard printed shirtdress. Yes, it’s a lot. But I like it!

24. Floral Freedom ♡


Of all the clothes I wear, the loose and comfortable items are usually my favourites. Especially on lazy sunny Sundays.
A while ago I bought this floral dress at Stien Boetiek in Turnhout. A lovely little boutique by a former classmate of mine. Recently she also launched a webshop, which is great news because now I can scroll through the new collections whenever I like! Make sure to visit the webshop

Now, back to the dress – or shirt, ooor shirtdress – I got it a few months ago already, but up until now it was just too cold to wear it. Luckily, springtime has finally decided to show its face and I was able to bring it out last weekend! HOORAY!