Early bird


The early bird catches the worm. Or in this case, the sun rays!

Every morning I follow the same route to work, and every time the sun shines I am both mesmerized, and blinded (hello autumn sun!) at this exact spot. But I also think about the gorgeous backlit pictures I could take here, and how I should really get up early one morning during the weekend to go get these shots.

Being both a fashion blogger and photography nut, I have to get the image I have in my mind translated to the person who takes my pictures. And I must say, he does a damn good job!

zaterdag ochtend (19 van 29)zaterdag ochtend (15 van 29)

My outfit might not be for everyone, but I really like this yellow snake print pants!

Mainly because it just fits like a glove!

And that also kind of brings me to the second message of this post. Freedom.

Freedom to me is many things. But one of them is wearing what I want. Even if it, like I said, isn’t for everyone. It’s exploring, and sometimes looking back on pictures years later and thinking dear lord!

But that doesn’t matter. Because at that very moment I felt free enough to follow my vision.

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So when people feel like they have to address what I’m wearing or question my style out loud, I really wonder what brings them to doing that. And most of the time I’m doubting between the fact that they’re either super confident or completely not.

With every new thing you try comes vulnerability. If it’s your (girl)friend discovering new (clothing)styles, trying out new sports, trying out a new diet, trying out a new hairstyle,.. it doesn’t matter what it is exactly, but before you make any remarks, just think about that vulnerability.

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I have learned to deal with it pretty well throughout the years, because I’m stubborn enough to keep following my own path, regardless of what others say.

And it has helped me grow. And become more confident.
So why am I sharing this story? Because I do hear from friends that they do struggle with this. That they’re brought down – often by those close to them – when trying something new, and don’t have the courage to be trying it again.

zaterdag ochtend (14 van 29)

So if you recognize yourself in this post? Be free!
What’s the worst that could happen? I you push through, people will give up on making you feel bad, and start admiring you for your uniqueness.

And in the best case, it gives you a great laugh years later!


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Pants – Topshop


49. Love it? Wear it!


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I live in a small place where it often takes people some time to get used to new trends. Unless it’s something that makes them say ‘I used to wear that myself, back in the days’ new things are welcomed by a – gentle – frown.

“I used to wear that myself,
back in the days.”

There was a time though, that I rather avoided those situations and didn’t wear the things I actually really wanted to wear. Not in the name of a music band I like, not in the name of some sort of religion, not in the name of anything other than me liking it.

So here I am, frolicking around in my vinyl skirt. I must admit, I was actually really curious about how it felt while wearing it. Would it rise up all the time? Would it feel icky and sticky? Would I feel uncomfortable in it?

“Rise up, icky sticky
and uncomfortable?”

The answer is no, no and no. It’s stays in place like magic. Even while wearing stockings. It doesn’t feel sticky at all and yes, I felt comfortable wearing it. Even better, when shooting these photos we were surprised by some rain and I could just easily dry of my skirt, handy dandy!

It’s only a couple of months ago actually I refound my love for skirts, you can read about it here and here.  And lately I just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Lakleer (4 van 12)Lakleer (5 van 12)

It probably comes as no surprise you can’t go around styling this skirt whatever way you want. Here are some tips of the things you should avoid :

  • Fishnet socks – duh!
  • Leather overknee boots
  • No stockings and – platform – pumps
  • A – very – revealing top

Lakleer (6 van 12)

As you can see, I just decided to go for a nice and warm, cream colored knit by H&M. It’s probably impossible not to spot this knit, since every one seems to own it!

My comfortable short black boots with silver belt buckle detail also steer me away from sexyness, more towards a tough girl look.

Lakleer (12 van 12)Lakleer (10 van 12)

Obviously, there’s many more ways to style this skirt, so keep an eye on my blog because more will be coming in the future, since I’m already pretty sure this will be one of my favorites this season!

Vinyl skirt by H&M & Cream color knit by H&M

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