37. What’s new Pussycat


This blogpost was one that just had to be posted on a Monday, featuring one of my most recent Sale buys. What’s new pussycat shows you my love for animal printed shirts that give you an easy breezy, effortless chic office look.

In this outfit I feel I can wake up a little more, while already on my way to work. And what better day to hold on to that Sunday morning feeling than on a Monday morning? Though it might not be the right clothing fabric to wear on a hot summer day outside of the office, the satin flows around your body in a cooler – airconditioned – environment.

14. Time Traveler



One of the things I’ve always wondered is what my parents were like when they were my age. How they looked, what they did during the weekends, who their friends were…

Unfortunately I don’t have a time machine to go back in time, but I found a way to bring my parents to the future!