Deco Dreams


So, me and my partner have been living in our home for just about 2 years.
After some years of intense renovating, we moved in June 2016.

And I can confirm the cliché is true.. once you move in, not too many things still happen around the house ;). We still have quite the extensive list of things that still need to be taken care of. But, it’s also quite an expensive list, which is one of the main reasons we don’t get around to doing them.

After a while you’re sort of done with investing all your savings in your house, and start looking at other things you’d also really like. It’s all about choices I guess.

On the list for example is our garden, driveway and lime wash our brick house. Inside the house we still have some minor painting jobs to do, but I can’t stand the smell of paint anymore for the next 10 years I think.

Obviously that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make our home as cozy as possible. We have a rather small house, but some nice open spaces. For a long time now it has kept me thinking on how we should best decorate them, to get as much out of the space as possible – our sofa for example has moved around quite a few times already ;).

And now, slowly but steady, I’m piecing it all together in my mind, how I would love our home to look. I found all the items, shining away on their webshops, hoping that some day they will be mine!

So, here we go!

For the living room these pieces have stolen my heart:


For the couch, I found out that at Sofa Company you can actually create your own sofa! Which is pretty amazing since it enabled me to go for that gorgeous navy blue with gold details!
Creat your own sofa here.

My tv cabinet crush I found at Fundesign. Price wise, I think it’s a bit overboard. But look at those details in the wood! The coffee table is from Furnified , which is probably my favorite webshop when it comes to online furniture hunting. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I know just about every item they’re selling! Just like this magazine rack! #sorrynotsorry

Dining room

Dining room wise I’d also love to add some new key pieces. Like a large round dining room table, and a large round mirror to put on our mantelpiece. The dining room chairs we have at the moment are definitely a keeper, but we still have this little sunlit corner where I would love to install a little reading corner, and this velvet beanbag sort of sofa would be perfect! The three items mentioned above come from… Furnified. This is not a sponsored post though! Just true love guys!

The cabinet with metal doors I found at Kwantum. But I swear that literally a few days ago it was still around €385. I also love the more open racks you often see these days. But with two big dogs in the house, you’d be surprised how.much.dust. they spread every day! So I will go for cabinet doors anytime, thank you very much!

As for our kitchen, we had a fully equiped kitchen installed during the renovation. We did not go for a kitchen Island just yet though, just for price purposes. The salesman who helped us the first time around, told us it wouldn’t be too expensive to have it installed later on and gave us a pretty good price indication. When we returned later – and we worked with a different sales advisor – the price had trippled! Not cool Elst Keukens!

So I’m still looking for the perfect fit kitchen isle, but I’d love to share some inspo

Cooking isle

We have a rather beige kitchen with a dark, stone counter top, so I wouldn’t mind adding some color and variation when installing the isle.

I also added a new board on Pinterest with my interior inspiration. So make sure to go and take a look and give my page a follow! And Who knows, maybe I might be able to give you guys an update on our interior progression in the upcoming months ;).



* Header image is sourced from Pinterest.