Shine Bright


This post is already long overdue, because we actually took the pictures little over a month ago. But things have been hectic and rather than forcing inspiration to come, just so I can reach my weekly posts, I just let it flow whenever it hits me.

And so it happened. Vavoom, inspiration.
But if you think of it though.. what is inspiration? On a blog it’s defined by the amount of posts and how you write, the images you attach. But it comes in many different forms, and some are just more visible than others. So don’t go thinking I haven’t been up to anything lately.. ‘cause I have ;).

Anyway, back to this post!
We have already reached the second half of summer. And dear lord, has time flown by.
Looking back on it, it feels like I have not taken full advantage of those summer nights. Which is always easy to say afterwards. And let’s not forget the heatwave weeks. When indoors was often the best place to be, if you didn’t want to end up all hot and sweaty, while doing absolutely nothing! The lack of airconditioning in our office space also didn’t help, but fortunately that issue has been resolved by now.

In today’s post I am sharing with you one of, what must be, my favorite dresses. It’s long, flowy, yellow and floral. Jackpot times 4! Oh, and it’s from Topshop. I scored it in sales while spending a few days in London.

It was love at first sight. Like I have with all things yellow. But this one reminded me of one of the dresses I saw on Style queen Paulien Riemis a few months ago, when she was visiting Vila offices abroad.
The dress – yellow of course – she tried on was not sold in Belgium, but it kept haunting me. And then I found it…My dress.

BGH (36 van 64)

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BGH (37 van 64)

Furthermore, we still keep on exploring new settings on our camera.  I try to get behind the lens as often as possible to find the right setting for the right light. And sometimes it’s perfect, and other times I still see quite some improvement. Like in these series. There’s favorites, and some I’d like to redo. But life isn’t perfect, right ;-). Just give me some more time, and I’ll find my signature settings!