Fall proof with Veritas


Whether you live in the city or on the country side, autumn is showing it’s gorgeous colors, and earth tones never looked as beautiful as during this season.

The sun still comes out to play often enough for you to catch some rays of sun on a sunny terrace, while enjoying your latte.

As the hours go by, and the crisp fall air kicks in, you reach for your bag, pull out a scarf and wrap yourself in it while watching the sun go down.


Veri-shopper (29 van 45)Veri-shopper (25 van 45)

In collaboration with Veritas, I was able to create my own perfect fall outfit, featuring this amazing item. This bag with croco leather print in a gorgeous chestnut brown is my perfect accessory this autumn. And you will also be amazed by it’s price.

Veri-shopper (6 van 45)Veri-shopper (35 van 45)

It’s the perfect size to carry around everywhere, and the three compartments inside actually enable me to keep my belongings nicely organized! It also comes with a shoulder strap, making it even easier to take it with you everywhere you go.

I’ve been using this bag for a while now, and already received so many sweet compliments.

So if you are looking for a new bag this season, let this one be it!
Even if you are looking to be a chique and stylish baby momma, this bag has exactly the right amount of space for both your and your little one’s favorite items.

Veri-shopper (16 van 45)Veri-shopper (43 van 45)Veri-shopper (20 van 45)

Make sure not to miss out on this iconic bag, and get yours online or in store.