20. Endless love


The list of things I love is endless, it starts with chocolate – sorry not sorry – and it goes to walking barefoot in the grass, with probably about a million things in between those two.

But what’s also high on my list is the love for a good photo! Yes, I can intensely enjoy a good picture. That love can be based on the subject, the color, the structure… You name it, if I love it, I LOVE IT! 

19. Blue Ginger – The perfect gift


Last weekend I was introduced to Blue Ginger.
While chasing their dreams, two women combined their love for fashion, jewellery and Asia.So little over a year ago, Blue Ginger was born. A fair jewellery brand by Sofie, who travels all  around Asia to find the best designs and materials, and Lindsay, who takes care of  the day to day business in Belgium. 

14. Time Traveler



One of the things I’ve always wondered is what my parents were like when they were my age. How they looked, what they did during the weekends, who their friends were…

Unfortunately I don’t have a time machine to go back in time, but I found a way to bring my parents to the future!