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Hallo maandag! Oh jee wat had ik weinig zin om aan deze week te beginnen. Ik had namelijk een erg leuk maar druk weekend. Weinig slaap, heel wat km’s in de benen maar ook veel leuke dingen gedaan en gezien.

Inmiddels kijk ik stiekem al uit naar volgend weekend, om een beetje bij te kunnen slapen. Maar eerst vertel ik jullie graag wat meer over de afgelopen dagen.

Samen met Eline ( trok ik naar Gent. Een prachtige stad! Tijdens de week klinkt het alsof dit aan het einde van de wereld ligt, wanneer je luistert naar alle files op de radio. Maar tijdens het weekend ben ik op een klein uurtje daar. Ideaal!

Ik koos er de eerste dag ook meteen voor om mijn nieuwe schoenen op de proef te stellen. Eerder droeg ik ze al eens een dagje op kantoor, maar het afgelopen weekend kregen ze een heuse vuurdoop, of althans mijn voeten kregen er een!


Zoals je ziet, mijn liefde voor witte laarsjes continues! Deze kocht ik op Zalando. En wie een maatje 36 heeft, heeft geluk want dat is de laatste maat die nog voorradig is. Ikzelf had ook geluk, dit is de eerste maal dat ‘geef een seintje wanneer mijn maat weer beschikbaar is’ ooit het gewenste resultaat had!

Het leuke aan deze laarsjes, anders dan aan degene die ik al heb, is dat hier de hak heel wat lager is. Handiger om er dagelijks mee op uit te trekken. Net wat ik zocht!

Met een lichte jeans en trui krijg je meteen een heel luchtige, spring ready outfit die toch nog voldoende warm is. Tenzij ik er echt voor kies, heb ik de zwarte dagen dit jaar voorgoed achter me gelaten. Nog nooit had ik zoveel kleur in mijn kleerkast.


Mijn jeans heeft ook meteen een speciaal detail, want met enkel een zwarte zipper vooraan en geen knoop valt deze meteen wat meer op. En ze zit lekker, wat nog steeds het belangrijkste detail is!

BW (18 van 45).jpg


Maar genoeg over mijn outfit! Ik deel ook nog graag een leuke plek met jullie, ideaal om te ontdekken voor een tasje thee of koffie!

Bij Madam Bakster, the guilt free bakery begonnen we ons avontuur met een tas thee en stukje taart. Vervolgens begonnen we aan onze shop marathon en keerden we ’s avonds terug naar ons hotel, om ons klaar te maken voor een avondje uit met nog enkele bloggers!
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Volgende week deel 2! Dan deel ik mijn favo winkel in Gent, een nieuwe outfit en iets nieuws dat ik zondagavond mocht ontdekken! Dus, stay tuned!

Hebben jullie nog leuke tripjes op de planning?

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Fog and faux fur

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This weekend we had a beautiful morning where I live. Last Friday we had the first snow, followed by a very cold night, resulting in a beautiful foggy morning.

Those are the days why I love this time of the year. The fog creates a fairy tale like scene everywhere you go, it’s like you’re playing a part in ‘The lion, the witch and the wardrobe’, minus the snow that is.

When I was in England a few weeks ago I got myself a super soft light grey / light blue’ish coat. I was torn between getting a teddy coat or this one. Traveling with carry on luggage only I had to make a choice! #ugh

When it came to my criteria ‘oversized’ and ‘warm’ this one was clearly the winner and thus mastered itself one of the very scarce places in my suitcase.

Curious? Let’s go!


Now tell me, apart from Christmas, what’s your favorite part of this time of the year?
When we were done shooting this look, I sure was ready for a nice hot drink to get some sensation in my fingertips again!

Note to self: add gloves to winter wardrobe from now on!

Coat: Primark

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50. Winter essentials

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The temperature is dropping, mornings and nights are getting colder, hot air leaves our body as a little cloud while breathing out. This can only mean one thing: winter is coming.

To survive the upcoming cold you can choose to layer your outfits or go for a very warm coat to keep you comfortable outside.

I think the layering option is great for long walks outside in the cold, but if you find yourself going in- and outside all the time – when you’re shopping or when you’re just going to the office in the morning and back home at night – you don’t want to be peeling of your layers all the time.

What I propose: A coat reaching halfway your calves. It’s amazing how much warmth is captured underneath and even when wearing a dress or skirt you don’t have to worry about being too cold. Plus, it’s super trendy!

What’s also trending lately, and keeps your head and ears nice and warm, is the bakerboy hat – or fishermans cap. They come in all styles and colors but I went for a khaki one. Mainly because there wasn’t a black one available ;).

I know one girl though, who was far ahead of this trend wearing hers for years already. Meet Anouk Lannoo. Cool girl, bad girl, blogger girl – you name it, she’s it!

Anyway, time for some photos, nah?

Last weekend I was on a citytrip to Brighton, England. A cool little town by the shore, a picture perfect place with lots of history. Below you can find some first impressions, as well as me wearing my winter essentials. Although it wasn’t that cold, my lack of sleep due to the early flight surely made that I was cold enough to need them.






In one of my upcoming posts, I’ll share some more about Brighton with you, the pros, because it sure is a wonderful place to visit, and also the cons, ‘cause there might be some things you want to keep in mind.

Hat – Jutka & Riska
Coat – Pimkie
Bag – Guess

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42. Autumn Wishlist with Zaful


Now the days are getting colder and shorter I often find myself browsing various webshops in the search of autumn must haves. Beautiful, cosy things to make the transition between summer and fall a little easier!

Only recently I discovered Zaful, so why not make a wish list about the beautiful items I could find on their website?

39. Festival vibes at WCD17

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Who doesn’t love the vacay feel AND being able to sleep in your own bed? I do! As I am posting this, We Can Dance festival took place little over a week ago, but while I’m writing this post, all the magic happened just a few days ago.

37. What’s new Pussycat


This blogpost was one that just had to be posted on a Monday, featuring one of my most recent Sale buys. What’s new pussycat shows you my love for animal printed shirts that give you an easy breezy, effortless chic office look.

In this outfit I feel I can wake up a little more, while already on my way to work. And what better day to hold on to that Sunday morning feeling than on a Monday morning? Though it might not be the right clothing fabric to wear on a hot summer day outside of the office, the satin flows around your body in a cooler – airconditioned – environment.

28. When life gives you lemons


For today’s post I thought it would be a good idea to explain the name of my blog – About life and lemons – a bit more. I always had the feeling it was pretty clear until I had to explain the saying to my colleagues a few weeks ago because none of them knew what it meant.

And since it was completely new to them, I might be to you as well!

So About life and lemons comes from the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Meaning: Add some sugar to the sour and bitter things in life to turn them into something sweet and positive.

26. Job hunt prepping


Hi all! My post came up one day later as planned, but I’m currently on vacay in the Belgian Ardennes and here everything is à l’aise. French countryside influences and all.

If you read my last post you might have read that I’m on the lookout for a new job. I’m determined to find my perfect fit and truly hope some exciting opportunities will come up soon. In case you know of any, do let me know. You will be rewarded with eternal thanks and chocolate chip cookies in return ;).

One of the things most people probably stress about when going on a job interview is what to wear. So today I’m sharing with you some of my views on job hunt prepping!

25. The superhero pose


“There’s a scientific study that shows that if you stand like this in superhero pose for just five minutes before a job interview, a big presentation or a really hard task, you will not only feel more confident, you will perfrom measurably better.”
– Amelia Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy.

Well hell yes, I did it. I just quoted Grey’s Anatomy. Not because I like what she’s saying, but even more important is the fact that it’s actually true.

24. Floral Freedom ♡


Of all the clothes I wear, the loose and comfortable items are usually my favourites. Especially on lazy sunny Sundays.
A while ago I bought this floral dress at Stien Boetiek in Turnhout. A lovely little boutique by a former classmate of mine. Recently she also launched a webshop, which is great news because now I can scroll through the new collections whenever I like! Make sure to visit the webshop

Now, back to the dress – or shirt, ooor shirtdress – I got it a few months ago already, but up until now it was just too cold to wear it. Luckily, springtime has finally decided to show its face and I was able to bring it out last weekend! HOORAY!