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As promised I was still going to share some more on my trip to Brighton with you.

Unfortunately I am the worst when it comes to preparing citytrips, to make sure you find the prettiest spots, the best places to eat and the streets to shop. All I can say is I learned yet another lesson on how to citytrip and how to prepare ;).

The point of view I’m giving you is thus the view everyone can find there, prepared or not, and you’ll quickly notice how beautiful this little place by the shore is. Even though the weather wasn’t all that – the one thing we did look up, so we were prepared for rain! – there were many picture perfect places to love and discover.

So, go ahead and check out my photo diary. There’s even a little surprise at the bottom of this blogpost!

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Must do:

  • 360° view by British Airways. It gives you the perfect overview of the city and makes it easier to orientate once you’ve got your feet on the ground again.
  • Randomly stroll through some streets, you’ll be surprised by some of the gorgeous houses you’ll find. At one point I even got a the feeling I was going to end up at Carrie’s house from Sex and the city.


  • ook a hotel on the main street. Ours was just on the corner all the way at the end of the street, but yet bars and cafes were pretty close. If you’re looking on going out at night this place is exactly where you want your hotel to be. If you prefer a good night’s rest after a day of strolling the streets, it’s probably better to look somewhere else. The english aren’t un-famous for their drinking culture and that was pretty clear, judging on the noise outside at night and sirens of police cars and ambulances.

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Must do:

  • Visit the pier
  • Eat at JB’s diner, especially if you’re not into the whole English breakfast but are more of an American pancakes kind of person.
  • Visit the Brighton Museum & Art gallery. Even the building is a stunner, and it’s right next to the Royal Pavilion, which is also really beautiful.
  • Visit the spiderweb of teeny tiny streets with almost only jewelry shops. These streets gave me a very Harry Potter like feeling.


  • Look up good places to eat before you go, and maybe even make reservations already. England is not – sorry – the most high end country when it comes to fine dining if you don’t know where to look. A lot of the times the available places were part of a restaurant chain and there was no authenticity in the food or service.

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We’re getting married! Steven proposed to me at the beach ♡
So instead of city tripping, I’ll be planning a wedding from now on!

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