51. Lõu.Yetu X L’Occitane en Provence

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Christmas is coming! Only 39 more days before Santa is coming down the chimney, leaving presents under the Christmas tree, for yourself and all those you love!

I wish it was that easy! But in reality, 39 more days mainly means frantically starting to look for the perfect gifts. Not easy at all, especially not when you are often limited by a budget.

Anyway, let that not kill the holly jolly Christmas spirit! Because to make your search easier I’m introducing you to an absolutely gorgeous gift set.

This Christmas, L’Occitane and Lõu.Yetu paired up and created the perfect gift. 3 rings that can be adjusted in size, 2 miniature hand creams, wrapped in a super cute gift box.

As I said the rings can be adjusted in size, and as you will see below they are absolutely beautiful. They are also gilded with a thin layer of gold, making them water resistent. So the only green you’ll see is not on your finger, but the others being green with envy!


Lõu.Yetu who?

Lõu.Yetu designs jewelry in their Parisian workshop.

Crafting beautiful gold creations for absolutely affordable prices. They are the details to your #ootd, the shimmer to your shine, or in short: the perfect accessory.

Prices start at only €20!


Now what about that collab between L’Occitane and Lõu.Yetu?

Well, when buying at L’Occitane – in store or online – for as little as €15 you will receive this gift set for free! Yes, you hear me. FREE.

And, why is that amazing?

  • You can buy your own favorite products at L’Occitane and add the gift set to your Christmas gifts,
  • You can buy L’Occiante products to gift and keep the gift set for yourself, #winwin
  • You can buy your favorite products, receive the gift set and add on to your Lõu.Yetu collection by ordering a matching set of earings, a necklace, bracelet,.. you name it!

Now, don’t wait too long though or you might just miss out on them!


So, what do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?
If you do, don’t forget to share your bling using #louyetuxloccitane #ringmybelle #loccitanenl

See you next week!

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