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With Christmas coming up I couldn’t help but try out a first make up look for the holidays.

However I’m usually more into the darker colors, I banned the darkest shades on my palette, and also black eyeliner was not welcome to this occasion!

I did, on the other hand, try to go for a visible but not over the top make up look. Although I added some loose, false lashes I do think this is a very wearable look, even if you’re not used to wearing make up.


I got my inspiration from the Too Faced palette I got a few weeks ago. I didn’t try out all the colors just yet, and I just really felt the urge to change that ;).

Below you can see which colors I used for this look, and on what part of my eye I applied them. Looking at it, it might seem complicated but trust me when I say it’s not. In fact, you’d be surprised how easy it is!

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-13 om 20.45.27

While I was at it, I thought why not do my hair as well.

A low, messy bun gave this look the nonchalance I was looking for, or as I like to call it: The “I’m so over tight dresses for Christmas so hand me that cosy sweater kind of look.

Red lipstick to finish it off et voila!


To add some movement to my blog, I added a little video below.

I still need to work on that “try not to laugh, you’re on camera” kind of face but heck yeah, this was the first time I tried it. And funny face aside, I do think it shows that there is some extra length and volume in my lashes without it being to obvious.

Should you be interested in more video’s when it comes to hair and make up, be sure to let me know in the comments below! I might give it a real shot one day ;).

Want to see more looks with my Too Faced palette? Make sure to check out this post as well.

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The most wonderful time of the year


When it comes to crafting I really like to go all out sometimes. After a busy day I love how you can clear your mind just by doing some manual stuff, no computer, no phone, no nothing. Just paper, scissors,.. you name it.


I can really enjoy thinking about what I want to do, paint the picture in my mind, looking for the right materials and then, getting on with it!

This year I explained to the boyfriend – uhum… fiance! – how I was going to wrap our Christmas presents. He laughed and asked if I had really come up with a ‘corporate identity’ for our gifts. And in a way I guess I have! I love little projects and working with a specific concept in mind.

So I thought, with Christmas coming up, why not share this year’s gift wrapping with you guys! If you’re left uninspired this might light a little sprak in you. After all, the presents will be left lying under your tree for a few more weeks, so they might as well be pretty to look at!

“Pinterest perfect, please…”

That could be one way of putting it. In reality I really just love pretty stuff, but it shouldn’t all be too brushed of and…clean, I guess. I like it when it’s a bit rough around the edges.

My mind is a mess most of the time. I can think of about a thousand things at the same time and still be looking for the pen I’m holding in my hand. And honestly that’s also somewhat what you see in how I work. There’s no symmetry or perfectly cut twigs. There is, on the other hand, glitter on the floor, glue on my hands and me cursing from time to time because I can’t find something that’s right in front of me.

But now, let’s add some picture proof!
I actually made two versions, just so I know which present is for who. Right now I just divided it by ‘men’ and ‘women’ but I’ll still be adding the first letter of everyone’s name to make it easier when I hand them out. Should I still find some sort of snow in a spray can in the meantime I will definitely be adding some ‘frosting’ as well.

What do you need to get you started:
– A fine rope
– Neutral gift wrapping paper
– Some left over Christmas decoration.
– Dry pine twigs and/or other (semi) dry material such as flowers
– Some sparkle
– Glue & Scissors


Wrapping the gifts is actually super easy, because you can just do whatever the hell you want. There are no rules or ribbons that need to be tied in the perfect bow. You can tie the rope what ever way you want.

I guess what I love the most is that you can turn your gift into a gift even more, because not only the inside but also the outside is chosen – and created – by you, uniquely for that person.

What do you think, would this be something you would try out?

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Fog and faux fur

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This weekend we had a beautiful morning where I live. Last Friday we had the first snow, followed by a very cold night, resulting in a beautiful foggy morning.

Those are the days why I love this time of the year. The fog creates a fairy tale like scene everywhere you go, it’s like you’re playing a part in ‘The lion, the witch and the wardrobe’, minus the snow that is.

When I was in England a few weeks ago I got myself a super soft light grey / light blue’ish coat. I was torn between getting a teddy coat or this one. Traveling with carry on luggage only I had to make a choice! #ugh

When it came to my criteria ‘oversized’ and ‘warm’ this one was clearly the winner and thus mastered itself one of the very scarce places in my suitcase.

Curious? Let’s go!


Now tell me, apart from Christmas, what’s your favorite part of this time of the year?
When we were done shooting this look, I sure was ready for a nice hot drink to get some sensation in my fingertips again!

Note to self: add gloves to winter wardrobe from now on!

Coat: Primark

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Pretty Little Planner 2018


Christmas isn’t so far away anymore. In fact, I just put up my Christmas tree! To inspire your gift search this year I’ll be posting some gift inspo over the next weeks, obviously all tried and tested by yours truly. 

While I was going through the make-up section of Superdrug in Brighton recently, I stumbled upon the cutest little make-up palette ever!

The Too Faced pretty little planner 2018 immediately caught my eye as the perfect Christmas gift for just about every beauty aficionado, so I couldn’t keep myself from buying it. ‘Cause we all know you have to treat yourself from time to time ;).

toofaced (1 van 5)toofaced (2 van 5)

First, let’s talk about that packaging. It’s so adorable! The baby blue pouch, designed for your make-up and planner fits right into your bag so it can go with you everywhere!

Also included are some stickers for the planner, an eye shadow palette – that’s what it’s actually all about – and a miniature Better Than Sex Mascara.

The colors in the palette are all right up my alley, because you have just about everything in there to create every look you want. From a daytime office look to a night time party make over.

My favorites:

  • Dollhouse
  • Why not
  • Booville
  • Break the ice


Even though it’s not clear in the pictures, they did swatch pretty good!

toofaced (4 van 5)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtoofaced (3 van 5)toofaced (5 van 5)

When I got it, it retailed at 34 pounds. But here are some options on where you can buy this perfect little gift:

I mut admit, it’s not easy to get – unless you have some travels to England planned – but otherwise the effort you’ll put in obtaining this gem will already prove your love for someone ;).

Of course I had to take this palette of a test run, so I did, with my favorite colors listed a little higher in this article.

When I was about to shoot this making of the weather all of the sudden looked as though Satan himself had arrived on earth, turning the sky as dark as the night. So excuse the lighting, I will get better at this. I promise ;).


Outer corner    –    Middle     –    Inner Corner 
Blooville       Dollhouse        Why Not


Lower lashline 
Blooville       &      Why Not


Now tell mee, what do you think about it? Would you add it to your Christmas list or buy for someone else?


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Brighton Photodiary



As promised I was still going to share some more on my trip to Brighton with you.

Unfortunately I am the worst when it comes to preparing citytrips, to make sure you find the prettiest spots, the best places to eat and the streets to shop. All I can say is I learned yet another lesson on how to citytrip and how to prepare ;).

The point of view I’m giving you is thus the view everyone can find there, prepared or not, and you’ll quickly notice how beautiful this little place by the shore is. Even though the weather wasn’t all that – the one thing we did look up, so we were prepared for rain! – there were many picture perfect places to love and discover.

So, go ahead and check out my photo diary. There’s even a little surprise at the bottom of this blogpost!

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-26 om 22.53.39


Must do:

  • 360° view by British Airways. It gives you the perfect overview of the city and makes it easier to orientate once you’ve got your feet on the ground again.
  • Randomly stroll through some streets, you’ll be surprised by some of the gorgeous houses you’ll find. At one point I even got a the feeling I was going to end up at Carrie’s house from Sex and the city.


  • ook a hotel on the main street. Ours was just on the corner all the way at the end of the street, but yet bars and cafes were pretty close. If you’re looking on going out at night this place is exactly where you want your hotel to be. If you prefer a good night’s rest after a day of strolling the streets, it’s probably better to look somewhere else. The english aren’t un-famous for their drinking culture and that was pretty clear, judging on the noise outside at night and sirens of police cars and ambulances.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-26 om 22.53.50.png

Must do:

  • Visit the pier
  • Eat at JB’s diner, especially if you’re not into the whole English breakfast but are more of an American pancakes kind of person.
  • Visit the Brighton Museum & Art gallery. Even the building is a stunner, and it’s right next to the Royal Pavilion, which is also really beautiful.
  • Visit the spiderweb of teeny tiny streets with almost only jewelry shops. These streets gave me a very Harry Potter like feeling.


  • Look up good places to eat before you go, and maybe even make reservations already. England is not – sorry – the most high end country when it comes to fine dining if you don’t know where to look. A lot of the times the available places were part of a restaurant chain and there was no authenticity in the food or service.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-26 om 22.53.58




We’re getting married! Steven proposed to me at the beach ♡
So instead of city tripping, I’ll be planning a wedding from now on!

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51. Lõu.Yetu X L’Occitane en Provence

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Christmas is coming! Only 39 more days before Santa is coming down the chimney, leaving presents under the Christmas tree, for yourself and all those you love!

I wish it was that easy! But in reality, 39 more days mainly means frantically starting to look for the perfect gifts. Not easy at all, especially not when you are often limited by a budget.

Anyway, let that not kill the holly jolly Christmas spirit! Because to make your search easier I’m introducing you to an absolutely gorgeous gift set.

This Christmas, L’Occitane and Lõu.Yetu paired up and created the perfect gift. 3 rings that can be adjusted in size, 2 miniature hand creams, wrapped in a super cute gift box.

As I said the rings can be adjusted in size, and as you will see below they are absolutely beautiful. They are also gilded with a thin layer of gold, making them water resistent. So the only green you’ll see is not on your finger, but the others being green with envy!


Lõu.Yetu who?

Lõu.Yetu designs jewelry in their Parisian workshop.

Crafting beautiful gold creations for absolutely affordable prices. They are the details to your #ootd, the shimmer to your shine, or in short: the perfect accessory.

Prices start at only €20!


Now what about that collab between L’Occitane and Lõu.Yetu?

Well, when buying at L’Occitane – in store or online – for as little as €15 you will receive this gift set for free! Yes, you hear me. FREE.

And, why is that amazing?

  • You can buy your own favorite products at L’Occitane and add the gift set to your Christmas gifts,
  • You can buy L’Occiante products to gift and keep the gift set for yourself, #winwin
  • You can buy your favorite products, receive the gift set and add on to your Lõu.Yetu collection by ordering a matching set of earings, a necklace, bracelet,.. you name it!

Now, don’t wait too long though or you might just miss out on them!


So, what do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?
If you do, don’t forget to share your bling using #louyetuxloccitane #ringmybelle #loccitanenl

See you next week!

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50. Winter essentials

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The temperature is dropping, mornings and nights are getting colder, hot air leaves our body as a little cloud while breathing out. This can only mean one thing: winter is coming.

To survive the upcoming cold you can choose to layer your outfits or go for a very warm coat to keep you comfortable outside.

I think the layering option is great for long walks outside in the cold, but if you find yourself going in- and outside all the time – when you’re shopping or when you’re just going to the office in the morning and back home at night – you don’t want to be peeling of your layers all the time.

What I propose: A coat reaching halfway your calves. It’s amazing how much warmth is captured underneath and even when wearing a dress or skirt you don’t have to worry about being too cold. Plus, it’s super trendy!

What’s also trending lately, and keeps your head and ears nice and warm, is the bakerboy hat – or fishermans cap. They come in all styles and colors but I went for a khaki one. Mainly because there wasn’t a black one available ;).

I know one girl though, who was far ahead of this trend wearing hers for years already. Meet Anouk Lannoo. Cool girl, bad girl, blogger girl – you name it, she’s it!

Anyway, time for some photos, nah?

Last weekend I was on a citytrip to Brighton, England. A cool little town by the shore, a picture perfect place with lots of history. Below you can find some first impressions, as well as me wearing my winter essentials. Although it wasn’t that cold, my lack of sleep due to the early flight surely made that I was cold enough to need them.






In one of my upcoming posts, I’ll share some more about Brighton with you, the pros, because it sure is a wonderful place to visit, and also the cons, ‘cause there might be some things you want to keep in mind.

Hat – Jutka & Riska
Coat – Pimkie
Bag – Guess

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49. Love it? Wear it!


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I live in a small place where it often takes people some time to get used to new trends. Unless it’s something that makes them say ‘I used to wear that myself, back in the days’ new things are welcomed by a – gentle – frown.

“I used to wear that myself,
back in the days.”

There was a time though, that I rather avoided those situations and didn’t wear the things I actually really wanted to wear. Not in the name of a music band I like, not in the name of some sort of religion, not in the name of anything other than me liking it.

So here I am, frolicking around in my vinyl skirt. I must admit, I was actually really curious about how it felt while wearing it. Would it rise up all the time? Would it feel icky and sticky? Would I feel uncomfortable in it?

“Rise up, icky sticky
and uncomfortable?”

The answer is no, no and no. It’s stays in place like magic. Even while wearing stockings. It doesn’t feel sticky at all and yes, I felt comfortable wearing it. Even better, when shooting these photos we were surprised by some rain and I could just easily dry of my skirt, handy dandy!

It’s only a couple of months ago actually I refound my love for skirts, you can read about it here and here.  And lately I just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Lakleer (4 van 12)Lakleer (5 van 12)

It probably comes as no surprise you can’t go around styling this skirt whatever way you want. Here are some tips of the things you should avoid :

  • Fishnet socks – duh!
  • Leather overknee boots
  • No stockings and – platform – pumps
  • A – very – revealing top

Lakleer (6 van 12)

As you can see, I just decided to go for a nice and warm, cream colored knit by H&M. It’s probably impossible not to spot this knit, since every one seems to own it!

My comfortable short black boots with silver belt buckle detail also steer me away from sexyness, more towards a tough girl look.

Lakleer (12 van 12)Lakleer (10 van 12)

Obviously, there’s many more ways to style this skirt, so keep an eye on my blog because more will be coming in the future, since I’m already pretty sure this will be one of my favorites this season!

Vinyl skirt by H&M & Cream color knit by H&M

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