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Usually there is only one lens in front of which I frolic around. It gives me peace of mind working with the same people, because the trust is there. You know what to expect and usually I’m still in charge of the pics, which also helps with my slight OCD personality ;).

But, how boring life would be if we didn’t make exceptions to the rules we set up for ourselves. So when Joke Bierkens contacted me to work together for a photo series, I quickly overcame the part of me that always wants to keep the things like they are, and said yes!

It was one of the first days of fall when we headed outdoors, into the woods and meadows of my hometown to shoot some images. Joke made me feel at ease right away and we spent about an hour taking photos.

Find the results below.


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You can book Josephine photography for all sorts of photographic work, from portraits, to family shoots, to weddings.

Hat – Asos
Dress – NA-KD fashion
Make-Up by me


Early bird


The early bird catches the worm. Or in this case, the sun rays!

Every morning I follow the same route to work, and every time the sun shines I am both mesmerized, and blinded (hello autumn sun!) at this exact spot. But I also think about the gorgeous backlit pictures I could take here, and how I should really get up early one morning during the weekend to go get these shots.

Being both a fashion blogger and photography nut, I have to get the image I have in my mind translated to the person who takes my pictures. And I must say, he does a damn good job!

zaterdag ochtend (19 van 29)zaterdag ochtend (15 van 29)

My outfit might not be for everyone, but I really like this yellow snake print pants!

Mainly because it just fits like a glove!

And that also kind of brings me to the second message of this post. Freedom.

Freedom to me is many things. But one of them is wearing what I want. Even if it, like I said, isn’t for everyone. It’s exploring, and sometimes looking back on pictures years later and thinking dear lord!

But that doesn’t matter. Because at that very moment I felt free enough to follow my vision.

zaterdag ochtend (16 van 29)zaterdag ochtend (20 van 29)

So when people feel like they have to address what I’m wearing or question my style out loud, I really wonder what brings them to doing that. And most of the time I’m doubting between the fact that they’re either super confident or completely not.

With every new thing you try comes vulnerability. If it’s your (girl)friend discovering new (clothing)styles, trying out new sports, trying out a new diet, trying out a new hairstyle,.. it doesn’t matter what it is exactly, but before you make any remarks, just think about that vulnerability.

zaterdag ochtend (13 van 29)zaterdag ochtend (21 van 29)

I have learned to deal with it pretty well throughout the years, because I’m stubborn enough to keep following my own path, regardless of what others say.

And it has helped me grow. And become more confident.
So why am I sharing this story? Because I do hear from friends that they do struggle with this. That they’re brought down – often by those close to them – when trying something new, and don’t have the courage to be trying it again.

zaterdag ochtend (14 van 29)

So if you recognize yourself in this post? Be free!
What’s the worst that could happen? I you push through, people will give up on making you feel bad, and start admiring you for your uniqueness.

And in the best case, it gives you a great laugh years later!


zaterdag ochtend (29 van 29)

Pants – Topshop


Fall proof with Veritas


Whether you live in the city or on the country side, autumn is showing it’s gorgeous colors, and earth tones never looked as beautiful as during this season.

The sun still comes out to play often enough for you to catch some rays of sun on a sunny terrace, while enjoying your latte.

As the hours go by, and the crisp fall air kicks in, you reach for your bag, pull out a scarf and wrap yourself in it while watching the sun go down.


Veri-shopper (29 van 45)Veri-shopper (25 van 45)

In collaboration with Veritas, I was able to create my own perfect fall outfit, featuring this amazing item. This bag with croco leather print in a gorgeous chestnut brown is my perfect accessory this autumn. And you will also be amazed by it’s price.

Veri-shopper (6 van 45)Veri-shopper (35 van 45)

It’s the perfect size to carry around everywhere, and the three compartments inside actually enable me to keep my belongings nicely organized! It also comes with a shoulder strap, making it even easier to take it with you everywhere you go.

I’ve been using this bag for a while now, and already received so many sweet compliments.

So if you are looking for a new bag this season, let this one be it!
Even if you are looking to be a chique and stylish baby momma, this bag has exactly the right amount of space for both your and your little one’s favorite items.

Veri-shopper (16 van 45)Veri-shopper (43 van 45)Veri-shopper (20 van 45)

Make sure not to miss out on this iconic bag, and get yours online or in store.


Hair & Make-up – Sophie

Hair & Make Up

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile

The above quote is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of all the beautiful autumn colors, and of my lovely friend Sophie. She has a smile that melts your heart, a personality that warms your soul, and since a few months, she also has short hair! 😉

An opportunity  I couldn’t miss! So we got together and she let me glam her up, add a selfmade flower hairpiece and then we headed outdoors to get some shots with a gorgeous autumn vibe!

SOPH (10 van 62)SOPH (23 van 62)

For this little project, I wanted to work with a handcrafted flower hairpiece with seasonal colors, that worked well with the warm, soft tones of her make up and yet beautifully stands out in her blonde hair.

SOPH (26 van 62)SOPH (42 van 62)SOPH (28 van 62)SOPH (57 van 62)SOPH (59 van 62)SOPH (60 van 62)

SOPH (32 van 62)SOPH (33 van 62)SOPH (34 van 62)

I had an amazing afternoon with this gorgeous wildflower! Thans again Sophie for being my muse of the day.

Are you looking for someone to glam you up for a special occasion, a photoshoot, or you just want some much deserved me-time with make-up and hairstyling? Let me know, and we’ll work something out!


Shine Bright


This post is already long overdue, because we actually took the pictures little over a month ago. But things have been hectic and rather than forcing inspiration to come, just so I can reach my weekly posts, I just let it flow whenever it hits me.

And so it happened. Vavoom, inspiration.
But if you think of it though.. what is inspiration? On a blog it’s defined by the amount of posts and how you write, the images you attach. But it comes in many different forms, and some are just more visible than others. So don’t go thinking I haven’t been up to anything lately.. ‘cause I have ;).

Anyway, back to this post!
We have already reached the second half of summer. And dear lord, has time flown by.
Looking back on it, it feels like I have not taken full advantage of those summer nights. Which is always easy to say afterwards. And let’s not forget the heatwave weeks. When indoors was often the best place to be, if you didn’t want to end up all hot and sweaty, while doing absolutely nothing! The lack of airconditioning in our office space also didn’t help, but fortunately that issue has been resolved by now.

In today’s post I am sharing with you one of, what must be, my favorite dresses. It’s long, flowy, yellow and floral. Jackpot times 4! Oh, and it’s from Topshop. I scored it in sales while spending a few days in London.

It was love at first sight. Like I have with all things yellow. But this one reminded me of one of the dresses I saw on Style queen Paulien Riemis a few months ago, when she was visiting Vila offices abroad.
The dress – yellow of course – she tried on was not sold in Belgium, but it kept haunting me. And then I found it…My dress.

BGH (36 van 64)

BHXX (6 van 10)BHXX (5 van 10)BHXX (10 van 10)BHXX (4 van 10)BHXX (8 van 10)BHXX (7 van 10)BHXX (3 van 10)BHXX (9 van 10)BHXX (2 van 10)

BGH (37 van 64)

Furthermore, we still keep on exploring new settings on our camera.  I try to get behind the lens as often as possible to find the right setting for the right light. And sometimes it’s perfect, and other times I still see quite some improvement. Like in these series. There’s favorites, and some I’d like to redo. But life isn’t perfect, right ;-). Just give me some more time, and I’ll find my signature settings!