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There’s no denying it, every woman likes a piece of jewelry. Some like the big statement pieces, while others are more into subtle accessories.

I most definitely fit into that last category. But in my case, subtle can still mean plenty. I love stacking fine rings, and layering necklaces. So depending on the occasion, or my mood of the day I will go for less is more, or stack it on! 

Recently I got introduced to Atelier Maison. The creative outlet of Ellen Sintebin, goldsmith and lover of minimalistic jewelry with a special twist.

All of her pieces are handmade, and jewelry is available for all budgets. You can go from custom made wedding rings (hehe, guess where we will have ours made!) – or other custom made pieces, to a well balanced collection on her webshop.

But enough with the ‘talking’, time for some action! Below you can spot the items I was lucky enough to discover. Also, all items are linked when you click their name.

1. Let me introduce you to: Olive and Balls & Glory in vermeil gold

This little gold stack is so precious. I love the two different structures and how they compliment each other. Another great thing about these little stacks is that you can just keep adding more pieces to your collection! For all those looking for gift ideas, I promise, this never gets boring! Speaking of gifts, make sure to read all the way to the bottom, because I have an exciting extra for you! 

Obviously not everyone is smitten on gold. Or dedicated to wearing only one color of jewelry. That’s why you can also find a gorgeous collection in silver and rose gold. 

2. Introducing you to Autumn, Balls & Glory  in shiny silver and Balls & Glory in matte silver.

Autumn is definitely one I am very much drawn to. It’s Smoky Quartz also has some very nice qualities , and it fits right into that category of jewelry with a special twist. But both others are gorgeous as well of course, and the three of them together make a gorgeous little stack.

Last but not least I’ll be showing you some neck bling. I can guarantee your loved one will feel all kinds of emotions, receiving this as a gift, and none of them will be bad.

3. The Happy Tear

This little tear of happiness is the perfect compliment to every outfit. Wether it’s decorating your cleavage or if you’re rocking it with a warm knit, all options are open with this long necklace.

And since I would love for you all to support our local businesses, I have a discount code for you! When you use the code MELISSA15 when ordering online, you’ll get 15% off on your purchase, valid until 28/11. So how about you get that Christmas shopping going! Need help picking something out? Let me know or ask, jewelry queen, Ellen herself for some advice while purchasing!

Bye for now!

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