Hair & Make Up – Nikki

Hair & Make Up

I promise it’s not a trend to only choose women who are named Nikki. It just a coincidence I have two gorgeous women with similar names amongst my friends.

And if you find this amusing, just wait until I find the time to work with Sofie and Sophie. Haha, I can’t help it!

Anyway, with Nikki I got to work on a gorgeous blank sheet. This freckley ginger never wears any make up or goes wild with hairstyles. My fingers got all tingly and I couldn’t wait to try out a look on her.

For reference, I added a photo below of Nikki – who you can also find on Instagram as The Ginger Diaries. As like most natural beauties, she doesn’t need make up. No one needs it, but is fun to experiment with, or to bring out specific qualities in someone’s face.

Nikki Van Hal

Make up wise, I decided to make her face pop just a little more. Adding some more color on the lips and cheeks, but keeping everything else very neutral. Hair wise I chose a loose updo that flows in the wind. I’m smitten on those kinds of hairstyles. Those styles that look effortless and flawless at the same time.

And since we are bloggers after all, golden hour was the perfect time of day to go shoot the result!

Nikki (9 van 61)Nikki (18 van 61)Nikki (16 van 61)Nikki (22 van 61)Nikki (10 van 61)Nikki (36 van 61)Nikki (43 van 61)Nikki (18 van 61)NikkiVH1


Change of scenery

Nikki (46 van 61)Nikki (61 van 61)Nikki (45 van 61)Nikki (53 van 61)


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