The most wonderful time of the year


When it comes to crafting I really like to go all out sometimes. After a busy day I love how you can clear your mind just by doing some manual stuff, no computer, no phone, no nothing. Just paper, scissors,.. you name it.


I can really enjoy thinking about what I want to do, paint the picture in my mind, looking for the right materials and then, getting on with it!

This year I explained to the boyfriend – uhum… fiance! – how I was going to wrap our Christmas presents. He laughed and asked if I had really come up with a ‘corporate identity’ for our gifts. And in a way I guess I have! I love little projects and working with a specific concept in mind.

So I thought, with Christmas coming up, why not share this year’s gift wrapping with you guys! If you’re left uninspired this might light a little sprak in you. After all, the presents will be left lying under your tree for a few more weeks, so they might as well be pretty to look at!

“Pinterest perfect, please…”

That could be one way of putting it. In reality I really just love pretty stuff, but it shouldn’t all be too brushed of and…clean, I guess. I like it when it’s a bit rough around the edges.

My mind is a mess most of the time. I can think of about a thousand things at the same time and still be looking for the pen I’m holding in my hand. And honestly that’s also somewhat what you see in how I work. There’s no symmetry or perfectly cut twigs. There is, on the other hand, glitter on the floor, glue on my hands and me cursing from time to time because I can’t find something that’s right in front of me.

But now, let’s add some picture proof!
I actually made two versions, just so I know which present is for who. Right now I just divided it by ‘men’ and ‘women’ but I’ll still be adding the first letter of everyone’s name to make it easier when I hand them out. Should I still find some sort of snow in a spray can in the meantime I will definitely be adding some ‘frosting’ as well.

What do you need to get you started:
– A fine rope
– Neutral gift wrapping paper
– Some left over Christmas decoration.
– Dry pine twigs and/or other (semi) dry material such as flowers
– Some sparkle
– Glue & Scissors


Wrapping the gifts is actually super easy, because you can just do whatever the hell you want. There are no rules or ribbons that need to be tied in the perfect bow. You can tie the rope what ever way you want.

I guess what I love the most is that you can turn your gift into a gift even more, because not only the inside but also the outside is chosen – and created – by you, uniquely for that person.

What do you think, would this be something you would try out?

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