47. Last minute halloween look using only make-up


This is for those of you who didn’t have anything planned for Halloween, but out of the blue your plans changed. A Halloween party it is, fun! But what you didn’t think of just yet is the fact that they expect you to participate in the Halloween horror and come with a little grossness of your own.

It’s too late to run to the shops for fake blood and fake wounds and fake everything.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered if you own some of the make-up basics.

Here’s what you need:

  • Lipstick – Time to get rid of that lipstick you once bought but never used!
  • Black eyeliner and black (or dark) eye shadow.
  • Eyelash glue – or any other glue you can use on your body
  • Make up pads / soft cotton pads
  • Optional: A lipgloss to make it a bit more nasty

Oh, and a make-up brush!


Let’s get this freakshow on the road!

First, you take one of your make-up pads, followed by putting a piece of your lipstick on the pad, adding black eye liner or eye shadow and mixing it all together with your brush.

Easy peasy!


Next, you take a second make-up pad and your eye lash glue.
You pull the cotton pad apart and peel out the soft and fluffy inner layer.

With your finger you dab some of the eyelash glue on your forehead – or anywhere else on your face – and stick the fluffyness onto it. Again with your finger, you dab some glue on the cotton pad to make it more even, but make sure you keep some of the structure.

Thinking of it now, I could have made it look more like a gun shot wound if I had put it on the side of my head. It’s too late for me now, but maybe not for you! 😉

halloween (5 van 11).jpg

Next up is the mixture of red and black you made. Take your brush and start applying it on the cotton pad wound-to-be. With your brush you can add some lines down your face, if you like.


Next, you take the black/dark eyeshadow.
You can use a clean brush or your finger to apply it around the grossness. The leftover make up on the cotton pad I used to do my lips, adding some extra black.

You could also add the black eyeshadow some more on the rest of your face, making it look like dirt stains, but that’s up to you!


To finish it off, I added some very rich lipgloss to make it a bit more shiny and nasty.
Et voila, that’s it!


I hope this might have helped some of you, panicking over their look when there’s just no time to go for the full Halloween craze!

Creating this took me about 20 minutes, pretty acceptable if you’re short on time!

Have fun!

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