46. Seasonal transitions


This weekend it felt like all summer vibes came to a definite end. Indian summer has left the country, making room for some strong winds and rain showers.

I think the indian summer should be a season on it’s own though. A couple of months for us to enjoy soft temperatures, without it being too warm, while the trees shed their leaves. If you give me that, I swear I’ll be ready for winter afterwards. Pinky promise!

Luckily I managed to sneak outside in between rainfall to shoot some pics this weekend.
Not my boyfriend’s favorite hobby, but the things love makes you do… right?
** Interested hobby photographers are always free to apply 😉

Treasuring those few minutes of no rain didn’t mean luck was on our side though..
When I popped out my camera it turned out my battery had died. I can’t even imagine my camera battery ever being completely drained, until today. Anyway, back-up plan! Time to test the camera on my phone!

shirtdress zara (8 van 10).jpg

But now, more about the look!

First of all I would proudly like to say that this year I’m managing to stay away from buying black items as soon as summer ended. I believe I’m no longer suffering from postsummeritis and that I’m just truly enjoying all the things we get in return for summer. Such as: warm knits, evenings around the fire pit, glüwhein,..and did I mention glüwhein? 😉

shirtdress zara (4 van 10).jpg

Also my skirt and dress section is booming lately. I guess I sort of had it with pants for a while. With that in mind it’s no surprise this emerald green beauty caught my eye. And the best part of all: it’s shiny!

shirtdress zara (10 van 10)

You can wear it as an oversized shirt, which is nice, or like I did, steal your boyfriend’s black belt and tie it around your waist!

For me the oversized shirt option is a definite no go whenever I feel like a baby elephant. Sometimes I just feel so big and present so I just want to get laced up or in this case belted up to reduce my presence.. if that even makes any sense!


Anyway, with that being said, I’m ending this post!
I wish I had the confidence of a peacock on a daily basis, but I guess I’m just very human like that!

Let me know how you feel now summer has ended, how does it effect your wardrobe choses?

Shirt dress – Zara
Jacket – Zeb Fashion
Boots – Zara, keep an eye on my next blogposts to get a closer look!

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