45. Finding the perfect blouse


Today was a lovely indian summer day.
24°C, sunshine, friends, being outdoors. It was just the most beautiful Sunday.

Too bad though these kind of days don’t come with a pause button, because I’m just not ready for the weekend to come to an end yet. My weekends/weeks have been a bit too busy for my liking these last couple of weeks. So, is it wrong for me to already be longing for next weekend, where we have no plans yet? I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.

What I’m also very much looking  forward to is next month. In exactly 27 days we’ll be heading to England, spending a couple of days in Brighton. If only I could copy paste the weather we had these last couple of days. That would absolutely bring me some “wardrobe peace of mind”, since I’m already going back and forward about the things I might or might not need depending on the weather. Some things I would still have to get, so do you see the issue here?

Anyway, I still have time to worry about that later. Today is about one of the items everyone should own because you can wear it to almost every occasion. Really, from going out with friends to picking up your kids from school, combined with a skirt or pants, tucked in or not at all. I’m not going to keep up the suspense, because I’m talking about a decent loose blouse.

Yep, nothing to fancy, expensive or age-related. A decent blouse looks good on just about anyone, regardless of your age and – yes, even – boob size.

bewerkt (4 van 38).jpg


Now, I must say that – obviously – not every blouse qualifies as the perfect every day, fits everyone blouse. So keep reading for my tips!

How to look for the perfect blouse:

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-15 om 22.25.55

  • Look for an item with a v-neck, without buttons all the way up to the top. Or if there are buttons, make sure the natural flow of the shirt is to fall in a V when unbuttoned at the top,
  • Pick out a loose item,
  • Ideally, the back is slightly longer than the front,
  • The fabric does not stretch (100% polyester, satin f.ex),
  • Don’t be afraid of printed pieces.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-15 om 22.20.44

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-15 om 22.26.01

  • Stay away from the button up shirt. You know, the one the boring secretary wears in the movies,
  • Don’t go for the fitted shirts. Like I said, boring secretary look.
  • Fabric wise, I’m not a huge fan of the cotton and elastic mix items. They fit certain, but absolutely not all body types.

How to style the perfect blouse:

Once you spotted something you like on the racks, you will need to style it properly to really see the full potential of your outfit. Even in the fitting room.

  • Tuck it in your jeans. I’m personally a huge fan of tucking the front part in my jeans, leaving the back part to cover my bum.
  • Slightly roll up your sleeves. I love to do this when I’m not wearing a anything over the blouse.
  • See if you can wear a knitted sweater over the blouse. A blazer looks nice, but a nice sweater can give your look just that little extra spice. Remember, we’re not just looking for an office look. It has to be every day comfy and the days are getting colder. Also, again, roll up your sleeves a bit so the sleeve of your shirt shows.

Below you can see how I styled my new blouse.

*PS I’m a huge fan – and that’s an understatement – of black jeans. So if you are unsure about what to wear with that blouse, black jeans is always a good idea!

bewerkt (37 van 38).jpg

bewerkt (19 van 38).jpg


My blouse – Also Zara, but I couldn’t find it on the website. Bummer
Zara blouse example – shop it here

Other alternatives – This one 

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-15 om 23.01.17
Or, this one!  


Or maybe this one!


Anyway, you get the point I guess ;).
What do you think? Would this look be something you would wear or try out?

Let me know in the comments!

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 10.18.05

12 gedachtes over “45. Finding the perfect blouse

  1. Jammer dat je secretaresses saai noemt met de “normale” blouse. Het is er namelijk één die ik zelf heel veel draag (en ben ook secretaresse geweest). Ligt er maar net hoe je het styled en wat je er verder bij draagt. Maar in sommige bedrijfsculturen Kun je gewoon niet met zulke heftige prints aankomen.


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