44. Checkmate!


Last weekend I attended two fun events. One was the Fashion show at Fahion Factory / Veja Merksplas and the other one the opening of ILS – I Love Shopping in Lille.

When it comes to nice stores and cool shopping hangouts the offer in where I live is pretty limited. That’s why I absolutely love shopping in there and supporting local entrepreneurs.

This post and the next will be containing a look, put together with items from both stores. Both looks are completely different, so I can assure you both stores offer a very wide variety of styles, where everyone can find their perfect fit.

For today’s look I was going for something that looks formal at first sight, but isn’t all that formal when you look closely. To match the weather the past couple of days – grey grey grey! – I decided it was time to get myself that checkered blazer. I had been looking for one for a while but never really found my match. Until last Saturday at ILS.

office rock aangepast (13 van 105)


A fitted item that covers your bum. Perfect! The red details add an extra touch and since I’m still looking for a burgundy woman suit, this could be a nice combo as well – Yep, I’m already thinking ahead and planning my purchases ;).

Although a blazer usually dresses up your outfit, I wanted to dress it down with a Rock T. Having one of these is never wasted money.

If you are a music connaisseur you can go for the band shirt, but since I don’t listen to any of their music I would give away my ‘it’s just for fashion’ attitude pretty quick, should anyone ask about the band. So, an unspecified item does the trick when you love the style but are a noob when it comes to the music ;).

Add a simple black pants and heels and you’re good to go!
From the office to a family reunion, to meeting up with friends. This look is never wrong.

office rock aangepast (6 van 105)


Blazer – find it in store at Ils – I love shopping

T-shirt – Veja Merksplas
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 10.18.05

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