43. Meet my favorite color


I have always had a thing for color. Although, just like many of you, black often makes me feel more confident, I absolutely love to have some color in my wardrobe. It can brighten up the darkest days and ads a ray of sunshine when all you see is rain.

Even now, when autumn has arrived in the country, we still have a nice day occasionally, where bare legs are allowed, as we did on the day we went outfit shooting for this look.

You know, when in summer they talk about the Golden Hour and mean that time of day when the sun starts to set and casts a beautiful gold glow? Well, in autumn the same thing happens in the morning. When the night time fog has not yet completely cleared, but the sun can’t wait to come out and play. That’s my favorite time of day during fall.

Luckily for me, we got to catch exactly this kind of day for the photos.
Nature is pretty magical, don’t you think?

geel rokje-56

So you guessed it, or maybe not :), but yellow is my favorite color, it’s not the easiest one to find the perfect item in though. I don’t like it when it comes in fluo, or another greenish kind of yellow. But this mustard/ ocher floral skirt caught my attention. The cute ruffled hem and overlap add a nice detail.

And although you might think you’d be overexposing yourself while walking, due to the overlap, don’t be afraid, it is designed in such a way that even I can handle it.

geel rokje-53


geel rokje-64


Not only am I smitten by the skirt, I also really love this sweater. If you leave the lace untied, you get a real broad collar, even broad enough to give you that off shoulder look you might like on one of those warmer, early autumn days.

Want to know where you can find these items? Check the links below.

Yellow floral skirt – Missguided
Loose sweater – Only
Boots – Already old, but the were by New Look


Now, what’s your favorite color? Let me know in the comments!
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