41. Bohemian beauty


For a while now I had my eyes on a dress. A long, boho looking, flowy, perfect for fall dress. And I assume you know how the internet works nowadays, If you look up an item online, you can be pretty sure it will haunt you in Facebook ads, Google ads,.. you name it.

So while I was still in the yes-no-yes-no phase of my purchase, this dress kept reappearing everywhere!

This didn’t get me to buy it though. It was when I actually saw someone strolling by in this flowing beauty that I was sure I needed it my life.

When it comes to clothing styles, there’s not really one type of style I stick to, but there is one I absolutely love. Yeah, you guessed it.. Bohemian!

I would even see myself getting married in a boho style dress, with a boho style party and boho style everything!

heide 1-54


As you can see it’s very colorful. Some might compare it to their grandma’s curtains, but that’s fine! We shouldn’t all like the same things. And I liked my grandma’s curtains, so win win.

The slight bell sleeves, frilled hems on the skirt and just above the ankle length make me feel like an Autumn princess while wearing it. So I guess, in a way that makes this my first Fall outfit post!

What do you think about Summer being almost over?
I really loved Summer, but I also truly enjoy having seasons.

Imagine living somewhere where you can’t curl up in a nice knitted sweater from time to time, drinking coffee, reading your favorite book because it’s always just too damn hot!

No, like I said. I love the seasons. How nature resets itself, how you know that after every cold winter, there will be a gorgeous spring, followed by a lovely summer.
Only to end with autumn, to say goodbye to it all as the earth transitions into Fall.


heide 1-1



So, that was it for today’s post! I hope you liked it!

I can only say I had so much fun shooting this look because it reminds me of why I love living on the country side so much. There’s beauty everywhere!

Dress – H&M
Shoes – Sasha


See you soon!

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