38. Cloud nine


As I’m writing this, I am still experiencing a warm and fuzzy post We Can Dance feeling. We visited the festival yesterday and it was great. The weather was awesome, the people were awesome, the food was awe… you get the picture I guess ;). It really felt like I was on vacation, but got to sleep in my own bed. Double win!

More on WCD17 in my next post though. Today I’ll share with you two musthave items for the next season.

You know that feeling you get when you find the perfect item?
That’s exactly what I felt when I stumbled upon this red, bell sleeved, knitted sweater.

It’s pretty close to perfect, super soft and a color that just screams BANG!
While already on cloud nine I tried it on and fell in love. This is what my autumn will look like. And given the Belgian weather at the moment, I could already sneak it into summer as well. Perfect.


Those who know me, also know I don’t care too much for skirts. I always thought they limited me too much while moving around. Plus, you have to make sure to act lady like while wearing them, to prevent exposing a little too much of your lady parts, ya know.

So, for a long time I sort of banned them from my wardrobe. When I did on occasion buy one, it ended up in the back of my closet, where it died a slow and certain dead before being given away to charity. However, just like my knit crush, this skirt crush totally caught me off guard.

This little jeans model with a row of buttons in the front fits like a glove.
Since it was on sale, the thought of putting it back on the shelves never even crossed my mind, while at times I can be forever in doubt when it comes to buying something in store.


The only thing missing in this look was an awesome bag to go with it. Thank god for Eline and her never ending hunger for new purses. Mwoehaha. This enables me to flaunt around with an awesome bag from time to time without going bankrupt.

Like this Pinko bag with a gold strap for example. It looks like it was made for this outfit! Maybe I should just go ahead and start my Christmas list. Making sure I don’t forget any important items and all ;).


Seriously though, I have been thinking of getting myself a proper, goes with everything, black leather bag. I just can’t really decide on what brand or model I should pick.

Do you have any awesome suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Sweater – Mango @ Zeb
Skirt – Bel & Bo
Shoes – Adidas
Bag – Pinko @ Eline


P.S: From now on I will be posting new blogs on Monday! 

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