37. What’s new Pussycat


This blogpost was one that just had to be posted on a Monday, featuring one of my most recent Sale buys. What’s new pussycat shows you my love for animal printed shirts that give you an easy breezy, effortless chic office look.

In this outfit I feel I can wake up a little more, while already on my way to work. And what better day to hold on to that Sunday morning feeling than on a Monday morning? Though it might not be the right clothing fabric to wear on a hot summer day outside of the office, the satin flows around your body in a cooler – airconditioned – environment.

Add fluffy slippers and a basic black jeans and you have comfort X 10!
The slippers are also one of my faves this summer and they go perfectly with the pj look created with this shirt. The pj look might not be something that is appreciated by all, but that’s one thing I def. learned about fashion: If I like it, I wear it. Life is too short to be boring, don’t you think?


I must admit though… I’m not really a cat person! I’m 100% dog lover, but sometimes you just need to make an exception, no? And let’s be honest, these are some pretty puurrrfect pussycats. Who knows, they might turn me into a cat aficionado after all ;).


On a more personal note, I’ll be signing the contract for my new job this afternoon and I’m so excited!

I’ll still have a couple of weeks of vacation ahead, but on August 28th I’ll be starting a new challenge, and who knows.. I might even wear this to my first day on the new job ;).

What do you think, would this pj type look be something you would wear?

Shirt – Mango
Slippers – Lee and Me
Bag – H&M
Jeans – H&M

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 10.18.05

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