36. Ola Barcelona!

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Hi there!

It has been exactly a week since I returned from Barcelona and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my Barcelona impressions with you, along with the looks I wore.

I must say though, on a regular day out with my fellow bloggers I probably take more pictures than I did in four days now. But this was a trip with le boyfriend and I just really wanted to be there with him, so I also took it slow on Instagram for a couple of days. You know, l’amour toujours and everything ;).

I will be kicking this post of with the best purchase during our stay: Subway tickets!
Barcelona is big, and if you want to explore as much of it as you can, you will absolutely need these tickets. We took two 72 hour tickets which cost us about € 40 if I’m not mistaken, and they were totally worth it. When we were not on the subway, we were walking. Little over 50km in 4 days. Not bad I would say! And it totally justifies all the delicious food we had there as well :).

My second tip would be to look up! There are some amazing buildings over there. Not only the typical Gaudi architecture is worth a look, also many other ‘regular’ old buildings have the most beautiful balconies. Looking up also doesn’t go well with being on your phone all the time, so also you will have to make some sacrifices if you don’t want to miss out on all the beauty during your trip ;).

Our best food, we had at restaurant Santa Maria Del Mar . Of course you can enjoy all kinds of delicious tapas on each corner of the street, but here we had Paella. This must be my  favorite food of all time, so It had to be on the menu during our trip. What you will notice though is that not many dining places offer the possibility to eat on the terrace. An exception to this is Las Ramblas and the restaurants on the seaside. But If you want to find something more in the city centre, you’ll have to take your time looking for a good spot.

Some pics!

Just so you know, my camera’s SD kaart stopped working right when we arrived so all pics are taken by my Iphone 🙂

Before heading over to the outfits, I also wanted to share our worst experience with you. One afternoon we ended up in the El Born neighborhood for lunch. You come across homeless people in every major city, but here they were selling drugs right next to the terrace we were eating on. Making noise and trying to start a fight all the time we were there. So we finished our sandwich, and hopped back on the subway to nicer places!

If you do have better experiences with this part of town, do let me know! I’d love to change my view!

And now, city tripping in 30 degree weather, what did I wear?
As little as possible to be honest! Below you can find some of my outfits.

I tried to pack as light as I could since we could only take a carry on bag, and I had never done that before. Turned out I did have some extra room left in my suitcase I can be filling up wisely next time!

First look
Top and shorts by Mango

Second look
Old top and shorts by Zara – by the way, the shorts were terrible and I’ll probably never wear them again. My punishment for not trying them on in store I guess.

Third look
Top Mango, shorts by Stien Boetiek


So, that was it for a short post about Barcelona. Of course we didn’t get to see everything so I might be going back for:

Parc Guell – Oops, we forgot to order our tickets on time
Hospital de Sant Pau – A gorgeous old hospital in the Sant Pau neighborhood
Palau National de Barcelona – The royal palace

When returning to Barcelona I’d go back in a different season. Perhaps springtime so you can really enjoy the first sun without it being too hot!

Do you have any exciting trips planned? Let me know in the comments!
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Talk to you soon!

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