35. Love at first sight


Hola! Què tal? This afternoon we took a minute during our Barcelona trip to let our feet rest, before hitting the streets again tonight, when we go looking for the perfect paella. The perfect moment for me to write a blogpost!

Today I’ll be showing you one of my favorite pieces of the moment. A striped AND leopard printed shirtdress. Yes, it’s a lot. But I like it!

A while ago I attended the Stien fashion show at the Panorama Zomerbar in Turnhout where I found this beauty. Stien’s shop is located in the Leopoldstraat 17. It’s a super cute (web)shop with pieces carefully handpicked by Stien herself. Collections at Stien change quick, so you must hop by on a regular base to check out all the goodies!

Anyway, back to the outfit!
Last weekend me and Eline went shooting. I had this on particular location in mind for a while already and Sunday was the perfect time to go there. It’s a mostly concrete location with great light. What more do you want? Me and Eline also might have accidentally been twinning while shooting, since we bought the same thing at Stien. But if you both like the same piece it’s only fair you both buy it!


While shooting I loved how the wind played with the shirt! For now I’m still looking for the perfect slip dress to wear underneath so I can wear it as a dress rather than a shirt as well. Creating a perfect option for me to wear on a hot summer day.

Since I sort of ran out of bag options I decided a bouquet of roses would work perfectly as well. At least once a week I need to buy flowers. I just love having them around. In the house and in my pictures. Bonus: They smelled perfect!


When it comes to shoes this summer it’s hard to avoid mules. They are everywhere. With or without heels, platform or flat, in fancy or plain colors.. It was one of those trends I really liked when someone else was wearing it, but I wasn’t too sure how it would look on me. But when I came across these black mules at H&M for only €12 I couldn’t resist.

I haven’t worn them out and about just yet, but I do really love how they look in the pictures!


So that was it again folks! Time for a shower, sangria and paella. Life can be so hard sometimes ;).

What do you think about the mule trend? Would you wear them?
Feel free to leave a comment, since I just love to read them!

Shirt – Stien
Shoes – H&M
Pants – H&M

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 10.18.05

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