34. Guess what..


As you might have read in my previous blogpost I have been fighting some nasty bugs the last couple of days. Stuffy and runny nose, sore throat, ear pain, head ache, tooth ache… You name it, I felt it.

After little over a week I’m also just so very done with being sick, too bad you can’t speed up the healing process.

The main reason I want this to be over really quick is that I’m leaving for Barcelona in a couple of days! Citytripping to the land of tapas and sangria with the love of my life. I. CAN’T. WAIT!

In preparation of our trip I have – of course – been selecting some new pieces I absolutely want to take with me. It’s about 30°C over there so shorts and tops are in order! Some good walking shoes as well, since I plan to see as much of the city as possible.

But the item I want to talk about today specifically is the new bag I got. I have lots of little handbags, the type that just fits your wallet and phone. And about two larger ones I use for work and stuff. Since I had been thinking of getting myself a decent mid size bag for a while now I thought this would be the perfect occasion.

Because when it comes to cities and crowed places, I’m still a bit hesitant of wearing a backpack that contains all your stuff. I rather wear my bag cross body, on the front of my body, with all the important items right there where I need them.

So on a recent trip to Dockx Brussels I began my search. I visited all the different shops where they might have bags, trying to keep in mind what size I wanted and that it should be all black, so it goes with just about everything.

Once we arrived at Guess I immediately found some possible winners. Yet it did take me until dinner to decide I was going to buy one! While my blonde and ginger friend waited at the table while I ran back to the store, I returned with yet an other bag than the two I had originally fallen for. Which is a typical Melissa thing to do really.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t order spaghetti bolognaise after doubting to go for the chicken salad or steak and fries first. I do just the same with bags apparently.


Anyway. It’s the right size, but it isn’t black either! But I do really like the colors. It stands out, that’s for sure. And the floral pink embellishments do give it a girly twist.

It also doesn’t have your usual flap with press on button to close it. Even if you undo the button, two flaps overlap making it perfectly pick pocket proof!



So, that’s it again for this week loves!
I hope you like the bag as much as I do, ‘cause you’ll be seeing more of it in the future ;).

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