33. Cozy Comfort

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Right now it’s 7 P.M and I’m lying in bed. Covered in goosebumps, although I feel warm on the inside. Do you recognize it, that feverish feeling?

I always used to think it was more of a winter thing. Turns out it’s not.

There’s not much you can do about it though, apart from waiting for the storm to pass and hoping a good night’s sleep can chase the bugs away.

Anyway, on Thursday I also upload my new blogpost. Usually in the morning but today I just had to break that routine. On a day like this I just want to be as comfortable as I can be, nothing fancy. Just, cozy.

That’s exactly what today’s outfit is. Comfortable. Cozy.
On a recent shopping trip to Eindhoven I just couldn’t resist shopping at Primark. What annoyed the hell out of my boyfriend, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!

I couldn’t really find that much I liked, apart from this little dress. It was a love at first sight and I couldn’t wait to try it on once I got home – I generally AVOID fitting rooms at Primark. Just walking through the store already feels like entering a war zone and since shopping is supposed to be fun I just try to save my energy and good mood!


About the dress: It’s a very loose fitting dark blue dress with some flower like embellishments. It’s also lined which always is a huge plus and has cute bell sleeves and a lace up top. I can perfectly see myself strolling through the city, on a typical Belgian summer day, while wearing this. And I won’t be too hot or too cold.

At Primark I also spotted this cute, very girly, little bag. I don’t usually go for this type of bags because I more of an anything but girly type.

But rules are there to be broken, and since I didn’t own a white bag just yet, I thought this would be the perfect try out version to see how I like it.

Adding these Adidas sneakers also tones down the girliness just enough to make me feel comfortable wearing the outfit.



These sneakers will also be great for our upcoming trip to BARCELONA!! I’m super duper excited since I’ve never been there, but I have heard so many good things about the place.

And of course, while we’re there, we want to see as much as possible. Something I just wouldn’t survive while wearing the everyday sandal.

Do you have any tips for me while visiting Barcelona? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Oh, and the food! Let’s not forget the yumminess.
Did someone say tapas? ‘Cause I’m ordering some! 

Also, be prepared for muchos vacay pics! I know I won’t be able to hold back.

Dress: Primark
Shoes: Adidas @ Adidas shop Eindhoven
Bag: Primark


Hasta luego amigos!
There will be one more blogpost before my departure, so you’ll have plenty of time to send me all your hotspots ;).

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