32. Shadow play


For a while now I had this one particular shooting location in mind. I had seen it on tv, in other pictures and I just knew, I had to go there.

Packed with my new outfit, camera and best blogger buddy Eline I got in the car.
Direction: Antwerp! 

Good thing Eline knew exactly what location I was talking about, so she got us there safe and sound, on a steaming hot summer day. We parked near to where we had to be, and changed our clothes in the car. Because believe me, I really wanted to share this outfit with you, but it’s really too much fabric when it’s 35°C outside.

After our short in car changing room adventure we were ready to go! Finding our way through roadworks – because yeah, Antwerp lately.. – we arrived right where we wanted to be 10 minutes later… And what a view!



The sun was definitely on our side, creating gorgeous shadows. Apart from the occasional hiker or biker we had the place to ourselves and were ready to shoot! Perfect!

Now, more about the outfit! Although the fashion world is now in full on kimono craze, I got my first item on sale two years ago, but decided I could use an extra one for this summer – or two..maybe..guilty face.

I searched my favorite shops and fell in love with this pastel pink one from New Look. I ordered it online and also found these super cute sandals to go with it. To complete this look – and many others – I got a waist belt and heart shaped sunglasses, which you might have seen passing by on my Instagram page already. #followme♡


For this look however, I wore my marble sunglasses from JBC and my little soft pink Kisses of Pearl bag from Torfs – thanks mommy!

The fun thing about these little bags is that you can take of the top and change the cover or flap. They come in different colors, lace or glitter! How cool is that? By just changing one little detail it looks like you have a whole new bag!


In all honesty, this look probably didn’t even need the waist belt. But I just wanted to add some waist to this otherwise very loose T.

Should there be food involved in the place I’m going, while wearing this, I’d leave the belt. Priorities and all..


Talking about food.. after we wrapped up the shoot, we changed clothes in the car – again – and headed over to the Sinksenfoor in Antwerp, to treat ourselves to a much needed slushy! The perfect end to a superhot day!

Below I have added all the available links to the items I’m wearing above.
Have fun shopping! And let me know what you think of the look ♡

Kimono – New Look
T-shirt – Zara
Belt – New Look
Pants – Mango
Shoes – New Look
Sunglasses – JBC
Bag – Kisses of Pearl at Torfs Schoenen
bag body  and top

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 10.18.05

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