29. Summerbodies are overrated


Okay, maybe not.

Yes, I would love to have the Doutzen Kroes body. Yes, I would love to strut around in crop tops and short shorts.

Does that mean I should wallow in self pity?
No, because I don’t even put in half the work most models do to get, and maintain, their body. I work out when I can, but I also eat what I like.

Does that mean I’m completely at peace with how I look? No.
But is anyone ever, really? Didn’t think so.


Now summer has arrived in the country, so did self confidence issues for a lot of people. Usually we are able to hide the parts of our body we don’t like all year round, but what do we do in summer when the temperature rises so high it just screams – POOLDAY!!! – well, we feel insecure. Or at least I do. I think of what I should wear, I think about that piece of chocolate I shouldn’t have eaten and the times I should’ve put on my running shoes instead of watching tv. Newsflash, when it’s 29°C already it’s too late for all that. So go out and enjoy the ride!


Usually I’m always a bikini type of person. But when I saw that you could get your personalized swimsuit at Calzedonia I just had to try it!

Since I have always been a bit jealous of the Baywatch swimsuits I decided to go for the bright red one. Leaving the option with the high cutouts on the hips for those who actually have the ass for it, I went for the more regular model ;).


It was actually quite fun to design the swimsuit, positioning the text and picking the right color. When I was finally satisfied I ordered my one piece and it was delivered to me in the mail about 4 days later.

I was actually quite curious what quality the print would be, but so far I’m really pleased! I did find it hard to pick my right size in bathing suits though. I had tried some on before in my usual size, and they always just felt too small. I’m rather tall so that might have something to do with, so just to be sure I picked on size bigger than usual and it fits perfect! AND it stays in place both in and out of the water ♡


Are you getting a personalized swimsuit for summer? You totally should!
But now I’m off to go do some cardio…..I mean, shopping!
See ya!

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