23. Where did the mojo go?


Hi there!
It’s been a while – again – since I last posted on my blog, and here’s why: I lost my mojo!

For a while now I haven’t been feeling too good, on the inside. 

This blog was created mainly to focus on fashion. And fashion is good, and it makes you feel good. But only on the outside. 

So my inner me had been neglected for a while and this has numerous reasons.
But, time for change!

And what better way to do that, than by working out, be mindful of what you eat and take care of yourself. Inside and out.

I have done it before and this way of living makes me feel more in control, the working out part is a great relief for stress, anger and anxiety AND you get to eat cheatmeals every once in a while to reward yourself – BONUSPOINTS –

So right now I’m 6 weeks (including 3 weeks of pre-training) in my new training habit and energy wise I already start to feel changes.

I am trying to work-out 5 times a week, of which 3 to 4 take place in group lessons. The only things I have been slacking on because of this change in my weekly schedule are household activities and me-time with the boyfriend. So I’m still trying to figure that one out, but I’ll get there. We’ll get there. Eventually.

Another thing that has brought more control in my life is my Fitbit watch! I’m the type of person who needs proof of what they did. How many calories I burned, how many steps I took an so on. Reaching daily and weekly goals is a reward in itself.

I chose the Charge 2 rose gold watch and bought an additional wrist band, also in rose gold. This way I can easily match it with my outfits. More on this later, so stay tuned! 

What I am not doing this time is weighing myself. Last time – about two years ago – I was on the scale on a daily basis. Frantically checking if I had lost weight the day before. Writing it down now makes me realize how crazy this was, and not even realistic. But hey, I felt like that was the way to do it back then. I also just had hip surgery so couldn’t work-out in the beginning. I started dieting and obviously started losing fat, a couple months later when I could start working out, I also steadily started gaining muscles, while still losing weight as well.

The problem back then was that I was trying to control it too hard. I just couldn’t keep it up. I had my goal set at losing 10 kg and once I reached that goal I just felt lost.

This time around I am still watching what I eat, but am mainly focussing more on gaining muscles and doing cardio exercises. Meaning – I am a couple of weeks in my new routine, and I haven’t lost any weight as far as I know, and I’m OK with it.

The place I go for my workouts offers a monthly bodyscan. This gives me a better idea of what actually changed. How much fat did you loose, how much muscle did you gain.. My first scan was on march 18th, the next one is scheduled this weekend! And I’m super curious!

As I’m determined to keep up my workout routine this time, this will also become part of the blog and my instapage.  So you’ll see posts about this coming up more regularly from now on.

Should you have any questions or tips for me, feel free to let me know! 

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