22. Sweetheart’s Club


So, it’s been a while!
We’re almost one month in 2017 and I finally found the time to write my first post. #shameonme.

But time flies, that’s for sure! It feels like yesterday I was still wrapping and unwrapping Christmas gifts, and all of the sudden February starts knocking at the door.

And though I haven’t been active on the blog, this first month was pretty eventful.
It goes from things I love to do, like attending puppy school with Otis for the first time, to heartbreaking things, like losing my grandmother.

But no matter what happens, life goes on. That became painfully clear when we were outside my grandmother’s room while she was undergoing an examination, a few days before she passed away, and a couple of rooms up the hallway they were singing ‘happy birthday, long shall he live’ to another resident of the retirement home.

Anyway, life indeed does go on. So we better try to make the best of it!

Adding color to your wardrobe is one way of feeling alive, or at least that’s what it does for me. I just don’t feel like waiting for summer to shun all black from my outfits. This super cute boho style bag by Glamorous on Zalando can  brighten up even the greyest of days.

Making sure you’re warm is also key, especially in these cold winter days. That’s where my ‘Sweetheart’s Club’ beanie by H&M kicks in, together with this jacket from Vero Moda.

So, what do you think of this look? Do you also experiment with color during wintertime? 


Bag – Glamorous @ Zalando
Beanie – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – H&M
Jacket – Vero Moda

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-28 om 08.09.29

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