20. Endless love


The list of things I love is endless, it starts with chocolate – sorry not sorry – and it goes to walking barefoot in the grass, with probably about a million things in between those two.

But what’s also high on my list is the love for a good photo! Yes, I can intensely enjoy a good picture. That love can be based on the subject, the color, the structure… You name it, if I love it, I LOVE IT! 

When writing a blogpost, I will always start by editing the pictures, and only after I will write my text. It’s the pictures that inspire my story.

This post was no different. Fellow blogger Eline was the on duty photographer and she did an awesome job! Credits also go to my Olympus Pen 7 camera and the wind that came out to play with my hair and skirt, which added some nice movement to the shots.

Now, about the outfit ;).
The skirt was already featured in one of my previous posts, but it’s just so cute! Its high waist and loose, straight cut slim you down, add an oversized sweater and embrace the comfiness!

When I saw the Mickey bag on a shopping spree in Ghent, I just couldn’t contain the kid inside me, that one had to come home with me. Growing up is overrated anyway!

Check out the pics below and let me know what you think! ♡





Sweater – Missguided @ Zalando
Skirt – mbyM @ We Are Labels
Bag – Primark

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-28 om 08.08.28

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