18. High school memories

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Last Saturday I spend the day in Ghent. A truly amazing city on all levels, shopping, dining, … you name it, Ghent has to offer it! 

Me and Eline started the day at Amfora, a florist / gift shop where we were introduced to Blue Ginger jewellery. But more on that later!

Today I want to share with you my love for this leopard vest by Salty kisses I wore on our little day trip.
It’s a little longer so your back stays warm and covered. Not an unnecessary luxury now the days are getting colder and the temperature drops below zero at night.

I remember when I was in high school, and the trend back then was to wear a pretty short bomber type jacket with a faux fur collar. I know, not the best look. But the worst part was the fact that it didn’t even keep you warm, since a big part of you back was still exposed to the cold.

Anyway, I’m glad that trend has passed, and that we now are evolving to ‘the longer the better’ when it comes to coats. A much healthier approach to fashion I believe.

When I first saw this vest in stores, I fell for the color.. Green – As I told you in a previous blogpost I love green! – next, I fell for the leopard print in combination with the varsity jacket look. And when I took it of the hanger I fell for the price. 50% off -Music to my ears and a match made in heaven.

Do you still remember certain high school trends you rather not think about?
Tell me about them!



Vest – Salty Kisses @ Zeb Fashion

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