16. Velvet crushing


Velvet is everywhere.
All over Instagram, in every store and yup… also in my wardrobe!
I found this knee long, velvet dress at Zara last week. It’s available in all kinds of different colors, but recently I just love green!

Green sweaters, dresses, vests,… you name it.
It’s almost like green is my new black, and luckily you can find it nearly everywhere this season.

To shoot this look, me and fellow blogger Eline went to the local park in my hometown – or shall I say teeny tiny village?
Although it was pretty cold outside, the sun was out and it felt awesome! Winter is upon us and it won’t be long before Christmas bells start ringing, so these last rays of sunshine are like little miracle workers to my mood!

Anyway, back to the dress. As I said, I love the color, I love the fact that it’s velvet but I’m still unsure about the length and the fact that it’s quite tight. I have never been a big fan of tight clothing and prefer my outfits to be rather loose and super comfortable.

This dress makes me feel very aware of my least favorite zones, so chances are that this one will become a permanent inhabitant of my closet.. Or I could do something about those problem areas of course, which is probably the better, more satisfying option.

Tips anyone on how to stay active during these cold winter days?

Check out the look below!






Dress – Zara
Jeans Jacket – Mango
Shoes – H&M

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-28 om 08.08.28

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