14. Time Traveler



One of the things I’ve always wondered is what my parents were like when they were my age. How they looked, what they did during the weekends, who their friends were…

Unfortunately I don’t have a time machine to go back in time, but I found a way to bring my parents to the future! 

When I received an e-mail from Zalando, informing me about the creative content award, I decided it was the perfect excuse! This is the perfect opportunity to tele transport my teenage parents to 2016. To find out how they could have looked right now.

The project:
I used my three favorite pictures from my mom and dad in the Era of Disco, also known as the Seventies, and recreated them. Instead of just copying their looks, I also took into account the modern day fashion trends.

Curious? Check out the result below!


Denim is hot! It was hot in the 70’s and it still is in 2016. It must be one of the most consistent trends throughout time. It never goes out of fashion and it keeps reinventing itself.

Much older than denim is knitwear. It’s soft, it’s cosy and it’s back, because the seasons to bring out your warmest knit have arrived. Are those jingle bells I hear in the distance?

Although 40 years have gone by, this look was pretty easy to recreate since not much has changed since then. What is it they say about never change a winning team? It’s true, denim is here to stay.


When it comes to watching – or playing – sports, the varsity jacket has been reviving the last couple of years. And while my mom wore it when actually playing sports, they now mainly serve a fashion purpose. Just like this awesome leopard printed item.


In her late teens, my mom changed her hairstyle to a real Seventies look, as you can see while she and my dad are casually strolling around on a Belgian carnival, or what it used to look like anyway.

It kind of reminds me of the last scene in the movie Grease, right before Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson took of in their flying car… Kind of ☺.

Staying true to my own style I decided to wear a skinny jeans in this recreation. Although I must say my mom is rocking her old school flared denim!

Instead of a plain blouse I chose one with very cute patches. Nowadays they are everywhere, and I must admit, I’m not always a fan, but this shirt immediately caught my eye. Partly because of the fun applications in the front, but also because of the cute backside. Which you can’t see in this picture off course, but don’t worry, below you can find where to buy all items!

So, this is it already!
I hope you all enjoyed this post just as much as I did when working on this little project!

It was so much fun to recreate these pictures, but it was even more fun to show the result to my parents and see the huge smile it put on their face.

Pictures by Nicolas Broeckx – Thank you!

Jeans jacket – Mango / Zeb Fashion
Knitted sweater – H&M
Varsity jacket – Salty Kisses / Zeb Fashion
High waist skinny jeans – Only
Patch blouse – Salty Kisses / Zeb Fashion

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