12. Work it out


As I am writing this blog I’m sitting on the couch, all snuggled up under a nice and warm blanket. I just finished a hot cup of Dolce Gusto Caramel Macchiato – about the only coffee I like – and feel caffeinated enough to enjoy the next couple of hours before going to bed.

Because like many of you, I too am feeling the change in seasons. I feel how the days grow shorter and how I miss the presence of sunshine and daylight. Therefor the weekend becomes all the more important, because during those two days you can recharge your batteries with daylight, and steal those rays of sunshine. When the sun comes out that is.

To get the most out of the weekend  I decided it was about time to get a little more active during those days as well. And nothing motivates me more than a new outfit!
So, I stopped by Decathlon. One of my go to places when it comes to workout attire and equipment. Why? Because they have decent material at an affordable price.

The next morning I couldn’t wait to take my new look for a test run and went for a nice nature and sun soaked walk with my two hubbies – the human and k9 one ♡.
To check if everything stayed in place the way you want it to when going for a run or when working out, I did some accelerations with Sir Napsalot and boy, do I still feel it in my legs! That kind of feelgood soreness has been a nice reminder of our walk for a few days now :).

Conclusion, this outfit was more than approved and I can’t wait to put it back on again and work up a sweat! Weekend here I come!

I’m still working on the weekday workouts though… but I’ll get there, one day.

A little more on the outfit

I love the color! The blue vest gives it a very frivolous kind of look, right when people tend to wear more black. But when you go outside at night, or early in the morning, it is super important to be visible! Especially when living in a village like me, where not every part of the street is lit up by streetlights.

The pants is a high waist legging which stays in place, whatever you do. The detailing on the side of your legs and on your ankles gives this legging a little more dimension without being too much.
I also love the length of the pants. It actually reaches all the way down to my feet!

What do you do to get/ stay motivated to work out these days?


See you soon!

Outfit – Domyos by Decathlon
Shoes – Nike

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