6. One stop shop

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Most people I know love shopping. They can stroll through the shopping streets for hours, try on a 100 different things and return home satisfied.

Others… don’t really. Even the thought of it gives them the creeps.
Luckily for them, most shops nowadays are ‘one stop shops’. Meaning, you can buy everything there. A complete outfit.

With that in mind, I created 3 looks from 3 different stores, for 3 different occasions.
And I love every single one of them!

Below each outfit you’ll find more information on the occasion and the where to shop links.
Have fun!
And don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite!


Work work work


The first look is perfect to start your week with. It’s casual and comfy, but also professional enough in pretty much every work situation.

You can brighten up your look – and your days- by adding some fierce details. Like statement earrings and a bright red bag. LOVE!



sweaterjeansbag shoesearrings




As the week progresses and Friday finally arrives, it’s always a treat to meet up with some friends and go for dinner / drinks.

Since we’ve been the perfect adult all week long, some playful details are in place here.
Also, nothing beats a loose black dress at a dinner date. Bye bye foodbaby, hello sexyness!



jacketdress bootschoker bag


Family time

On Sundays we take the time to catch up with family.

At this time of year a walk outside, in the crisp autumn air, after a royal brunch can do miracles. And this outfit is the perfect partner to make miracles happen!

It’s comfy, classy and cosy, all at the same time. And it will keep you warm. Score!





I personally would definitely wear all three of these looks and after writing this post I’m bummed they don’t actually hang in my closet right now.

Oh well…dreams keep hope alive ♡

See you soon!

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